OmniOne Title Services, LLC
Kudos from TierOne Bank

I just wanted to let you know that Joe from OmniOne Title Co. is going
above and beyond what he would be required to do.

 He recently questioned a lien that was put on a loan before disbursing
funds and the question was important enough to send back to our
attorney's. He did contact the originating attorney's title company as
our attorney's requested before releasing the funds to the
lien holder in question so we would be protected.

He has also corrected NOC's with incorrect spelling and addresses. The
NOC has a description of Improvement and they were sent out with  Single
Family Dwelling so Joe looked up the property and added the Pool, Screen
Encl, and dock were applicable. This will save us from having to file
additional NOC on the properties that have pools, screen encl and docks.
Of course he did this before the recording so we would be covered.

Joe may seem to take his time, but he is very exact in everything he
does and I believe he has TierOne's best interest in hand.

I thought you should know what a great choice you made in picking out
this title company.


Tammy Stone
TierOne Bank
1235 N Street
Lincoln, NE  68508